September 25, 2017
When a low income family is struck by the tragedy of a sick child, they are often left out of luck when it comes to getting assistance to reach specialized care. The flights alone can be a huge burden to these families that are already struggling with medical costs. It is in that need that Miracle Flights for Kids was founded. Their dream is to be able to help children of low income families reach their needed specialized medical care facility, no matter how far from their residence, without the debilitating costs. Because of Miracle Flights for Kids, these low income families now have access to healthcare that will dramatically improve their children’s quality of life.
March 29, 2017
The overall purpose of Miracle Flights for Kids since their founding in 1985 has been to make sure sick children and their families feel relief. They believe that no child should fail to get the medical help they need because their family hasn’t the means to pay for the airline tickets they need to get there. For more than three decades, Miracle Flights for Kids has been extremely effective in their mission. To date, they have been able to provide sick kids and their loved ones more than 100,000 flights that have thus far covered more than 55 million miles. That’s an impressive record, any way you look at it.

Too often, families with children who are fighting a serious illness are unable to make it to the healthcare they need because they can’t afford to pay for the airfare. Miracle Flights for Kids makes sure sick kids get the treatment they need for their children, regardless of distance. The Miracle Flights for Kids outreach program give families the hope they need. That is why they have won many awards for their services, including many awards as a non-profit, as well as humanitarian awards and even some lifetime achievement awards.